Please enjoy these photos of my commissioned drawings. I will have progress photos, as well as the pictures sent to me by individuals who wanted these commissions, or my personal photos of the site. If you're interested in commission, please go to the Contact page of this website and fill out the form detailing your name, email, and details about your commission.

111 S Jordan - Historical Rendering

This project was one drawn to represent the history of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Although this is not the building currently used for Alpha Chi Omega, you will find a photo below of the building in 1929 when it was in use.

Florida Boat Drawing

This drawing is comprised of a boat that is housed in Florida. The owner of the boat sent me photos of the boat, but told me they would prefer if the boat was pictured on the water. After some research, multiple digital layouts, and some brainstorming, the picture of the boat on Florida water came to life.

Melloncamp Farm

This project was another where I had to piece together certain elements in order to create the final product for the client. The family made it clear that it was very important for the milk can to be in the foreground of the drawing.

The Maple House

This photo set contains a lot of progress photos. While I was out in front of the house, there was no snow on the ground, but I added it to the final image. I collected images of the house and areas surrounding it with snow for reference, and I love the way the final drawing turned out!